Monday, 23 April 2012

Yellow Car - the full rules.

I've been getting a lot of questions recently, especially on Twitter, about the precise rules and regulations of the game Yellow Car, as played in the Ottery St Mary episode of Cabin Pressure. Just how yellow does a car have to be, people ask. Can you get extra points for spotting yellow cars in convoy? And most frequently of all, do yellow taxis count? 

The thing is, though, I'm not really a great player of Yellow Car myself. I don't know what it was- maybe I didn't start young enough, maybe I just don't have a natural aptitude for the great game; but somehow I never caught the Yellow Car bug. Luckily, however, I know a man who did. So here, for future reference, are the complete and unexpurgated rules for playing Yellow Car. You're welcome. 


Ross Bennett said...

That is magnificent! Thank you. And thank Arthur for that.

Highlight of my day!

Lanor said...

My dear Mr Finnemore (and Mr Shappey, too),
thank you for brightening my stay in Azkaban (that would be the Easter break spent with relatives, by the way).

The full rules are very clear (I'm proud to say I didn't count a yellow van in my weekly count).

Now... if I could spot more yellow cars. I swear the car sellers (or painters, or *someone*) are working against me because there aren't many yellow cars where I live (if the game were "navy blue car" or "metallic grey car", I'd be world champion by now).

Anonymous said...

If someone could repost the rules in a comment, that would be great. Something's up with my computer and I can't see it. There's just a blank space.

Anna Dailey said...

Marvelous! I must, in fact, thank you for introducing "Yellow Car" to us (in Minnesota, USA). It's a much more gentle game than my children's former favorite driving game, "Punch Buggy"; and I must say that I prefer it for exactly that reason. And, because they're so busy looking for yellow cars, there is much less of their previous squabbling about a variety of other things. I can now hear my recordings of Cabin Pressure and Souvenir Programme much more easily on long drives.

Narrelle M Harris said...

I'm quite glad about the taxi rule, as Melbourne taxis are also all yellow so playing Yellow Car can get both very tiring and very aggravating for my friends, even those who aren't pilots.

Mandy said...

It's all crystal clear now... Thank you, Mr Shappey (er, John).

Back to YC-spotting (which is actually quite difficult from an office block with windows facing an inner courtyard)!

Anonymous said...

This is quite literally the greatest thing I've ever listened to.

HopefulRomantic said...

My teenage brothers had an actual and literal tiff about the rules of yellow car and wouldn't speak to each other for half of a several hour long car trip.

innie said...

Thank you for clarifying the yellow-taxi rule - all of us here in New York who play the game were getting quite worn out!

Anonymous said...

Ah! Thank you for this. It brightened my day :)

myfunnylittlebrain said...

This is brilliant!

Becky Black said...

I only wish I'd known the Yellow Car game when I was a kid and we had a yellow car. My siblings and me could have driven our parents mad. Or should I say, we would have had an additional way to dive them even madder.

Anonymous said...

Thank you and Mr. Shappey for introducing me to this game; drives my friends utterly mad.

Jessica Adamson said...

You sir are absolutely fantastic. Your patience with Yellow Car questions has always impressed me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Arthur! It's good to have clarification from an expert. (We're still allowed to shout Digger! or Tractor! whenever we see one, right? Regardless of colour?)

Meanwhile, if I may address John for a mo' - any news on the TV show? Are you allowed to tell us? Or when CP4 will be recorded? Am excited for both.

Wendy C. Fries said...

Damn it. After this I adore you so hard I'm woozy. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

anon in hull keeps forgetting to play yc and did wonder last week if a van was a car, so, many thanks for clarifying and, sniffle it didnt count.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Finnemore!
This will settle many disputes. Although, my family likes to create new rules to games, so this will actually just let us know how far away we have strayed.
Also, my mother commends you on your color choice. In fact she once waxed poetic about how perfect a color choice it was for this game. This was on a very long road trip.
Also, I feel the need to inform you that my spell check insists that your name is spelled: Refinement.

Emma said...

This is just delightful! Oh, and Arthur's a grandmaster, I see!

Andrew Bossom said...

Wait, does this mean that John Finnemore is actually Arthur's mother? Or that John Finnemore is a pseudonym for Stephanie Cole? Or even for Carolyn Knapp-Shappey? And that therefore the voice masquerading as that of John Finnemore's is actually Arthur's?

Ali said...

Thank you for this! I tried playing Yellow Car with my family, but it turns out we're too competitive, and we ended up in a massive debate about what constitutes yellow and what constitutes a car.

Aquarius said...

What a lovely surprise!

I've found myself playing it here in Lisbon the other day - in my head though. ;)

Méloë said...

Oh Thank you Mr Finnemore for letting Arthur publish this video on your blog :)

Arthur, you must know that you're brilliant and that Yellow Car is my favourite game !

Mr Finnemore, simply thank you for this great series and for helping Arthur to make this video which will help us to wait for season 4 :)

Fruitbat said...

This is, without doubt, the best thing I have heard all month.
Yes, it really has been the sort of month where a video of Arthur Shappey explaining the rules of yellow car genuinely is the best thing that's happened in it.
Thank you for just being, well... you.

(And Arthur.)

Kris said...

Fantastic video! Love it! Thank Arthur for putting that together for us!

Speaking of games played in Cabin Pressure: on Saturday I attended the Supanova sci-fi convention on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Whilst in one of the many lines I queued in that day, and looking around at the various costumes, I noticed a girl in a neighbouring queue had a lemon taped to her hat. So I had to ask, and it was indeed the Travelling Lemon! We were both pleasantly surprised to find fellow CP fans -I don't know that there's very many of us in Australia!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Just brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Just one more clarification please: what are the rules of Yellow Car if you see the same car over and over again throughout the day?

I live in a neighbourhood where there are no fewer than 4 yellow cars and since two of them are used for driving lessons (yellow presumably being the colour of choice so everyone can see them coming and get out of their way! AND the preferred corner used to practise reversing around is right outside my window I have arbitrarily set the number at 5x per car per day, as my daughter is driving me mad by sitting at the window waiting for it.

She claims this is unfair, but I feel that due to the frequency we should have a limit. I threaten her with the taxi rule, as it sort of falls into the same category, so i feel 5 is fair...

We look forward to an amended publication in the near future.
Yellow car!

mizu said...

Brilliant, sir, Brilliant!

Thank you for brightening up my day :)

On a side note, me and a couple of friends in China(fans of Cabin Pressure actually) are playing yellow car too, and since we don't live in the same city we decided to take a photo of the yellow car(which was a bit harder than simply spotting it, but it can't be helped)...and it's fun too! I'd like to thank Arthur for introducing us to such a fun game!

Anonymous said...

Now listen up, Anonymous at 11.35! I struggled with Yellow Car for months until Arthur produced this amazing video explaining the rules so clearly. I think I have now grasped it sufficiently tentatively to venture out and try again. So please, please don't shatter my fragile confidence by asking for amendments or I fear I may never be able to play. What you do about yellow cars in the privacy of your own home is your affair.

Anonymous said...

Hello John Finnemore. I'm really looking forward to the 4th series of CP, but have you any idea when the 3rd series will be repeated on BBC Radio 4 at 6.30pm cos lots of my friends haven't heard it yet?

Jack O'Lantern said...

You are brilliant. Too brilliant for words, in fact. I mean words other than brilliant. Your brilliance is so brilliant that all the other brilliant things in the world, which there are a lot of, can't compete with the brilliance of your brilliance!

Just thought you should know!

I also love that you made a youtube account just to post this video. That's dedication.

EmiG said...

Glad for the clarification on yellow five weeks in NY this summer would have been exhausting.

John Finnimore (and Arthur) you are utterly brilliant!

Sparrow said...

Thank you so much for that! I had to set down some rules for Pipit while playing: No cars in car dealer lots, no taxi cabs, no school buses etc.
As it is I've caught her playing "yellow car" in her sleep a couple of times. I'm told there is no 12 step program to help cure this dreaded scourge on humanity.

Sheila said...

One of my neighbours have a permanently parked yellow car in front of their house and I'm constantly, in my head, say "Yellow car" when I pass it. Never get tired of it.

A Failed Journalist said...

This has made my day!

Annie said...

My goodness, this has filled my day with rays of sunshine as bright as a yellow car. Thank you so much!

Pauline said...

Thank you , Arthur, for the rules. You explained them really well. Taxis are yellow here in Melbourne too, so we were way ahead of you on the no-taxis rule. I admit we had added some more complicated rules related to re-seeing the same car, vans, and partially yellow cars, but now I get it.

Bianca said...

In one word: Brilliant!
In twenty-one words : thanks for clearing that up, and making something that will make me laugh when I need it most for the future.

And mr Finnemore (don't know if we as commenters are allowed to call you John yet):
Thank you for creating such a great show, that I actually could imagine the conversation between Arthur, Douglas and Martin in a cab in New York.

And any ideas on when you can tear everyone away to record series 4?

Sarah-L-B said...

I started playing Yellow Car after that episode, the problem is I keep getting my arse kicked at it. Nothing worse than losing a game when it was your own darn idea to play, haha! I heard that some people like to punch their opponent when they spot a yellow car. The problem being that the person I play with is always the one driving...

Anonymous said...

How did you know that I got a bit into trouble over the rules when I was in Sweden not knowing if yellow busses and trucks count? How did you know??? Thanks for clearing that up!!
Can you imagine that no one wanted to play with me? I had to play all by myself - and still have fun with it.

By the way, you and your shows are brilliant but I guess you know that by now.

vachebleu said...

Blimey Arthur, I'm still not sure I can get to grips with this, you must be some kind of genius!

Helen said...

Please pass on my thanks to Arthur for this clarification on the rules of this intricate and complex game (a veritable modern Mahjong).

I am mostly grateful to know that this noble pastime should not really provide an outlet for my friends' violent tendencies.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern said...

I told you so Guildenstern!

- Rosencrantz

Anonymous said...

series 2 began rebroadcast on 4 extra today, john why didnt you say :-(
available internationally ,cos its audio, be there or be rectangular, internal angles 90 degrees and having all sides of equal length
annoying (sic) of Hull

Eclectic Man said...

Sorry for this, but:

Does a yellow stretched limosine count as a "yellow car"? They are enormous.


I am thinking of replacing my ageing Ford Focus (metallic blue). Should I go for a yellow car next time?

Pipit said...

As my husband, Sparrow, has said in previous posts, I'm a "yellow-car-a-holic".

I do have a couple more questions for Arthur.

What if you see a yellow car while watching television or a movie?

What if you are with your spouse in a doctor's office and the magazine in the rack facing you has a yellow car on the cover?

Wm Rushton Esq. said...

It turns out that if you play Yellow Car while passing through Elephant & Castle (but not alongside, except on Sundays) during a game of Mornington Crescent, you can take a variable option on Snaresbrook, thus bracketing Wimbledon and preventing the other side from executing the Euston-Victoria-Kings-Cross triangulation.

prwelly said...

Thank you for this! The cars in convoy issue was heavily debated amongst fellow enthusiasts as to whether it was worth a triple word score.

To Pipit: You are not alone. The questions about TV and movies come up in our house too! And what to do about cars in commercials?!

F. said...

Thank you, Arthur: an impeccable and very useful explanation!

(Mr Finnemore, you are amazing.)

Daniel S said...

Can we have the rules for travelling lemon as well please?

Inoj said...

I was crying with laughter when I heard it. CRYING.

Luckily, I've managed to convert many of my friends at school into fans, so after the initial weird looks, I was able to explain.

You, sir, are a genius. Proud to live on the same planet as you.

Bean said...

Cannot wait to play yellow car tomorrow! I'll be on my own so I will win! Probably. So glad it doesn't involve punching as doing that whilst driving might be a bit dodgy.
Brilliant! Just brilliant!

Musical Lottie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Musical Lottie said...

WOW, this is BRILLIANT!!! Except it actually is properly brilliant, not something that only Arthur might think is brilliant.

Also? My sister hits me every time we play, which is quite - nay, very - annoying. She actually also hits me when we're not playing, so it's great to have something definitive to show her we DON'T hit whilst playing Yellow Car, and thus give me a bit of a break from being hit. Hooray!

Seriously, it is wonderful and amazing that you went to such trouble to create the video - whether it was borne out of frustration from having so many questions (I sincerely hope not, but if so there surely can be no more gracious a way to deal with it) or simply because it was a good idea, thank you for giving us this gem! It's perfect!

Wm Rushton Esq., I think that is the best comment I have ever seen anywhere!

ladytory said...

Please tell Arthur "Thank you."

That video was almost as brilliant as polar bears!

Karen said...

Brilliant! I love it! I was wondering all about those rules and now I know. Yay, Arthur! Thanks!

Sarah said...

Arthur's rules remind me of one of the News Quiz clippings that was from something to do with recycling in Basingstoke, this isn't verbatim but the gist of it was something like 'We can recycle plastic bottles. To help you determine whether an item can be recycled ask yourself these two questions - 1. Is it plastic?, 2. Is it a bottle?, if the answer to both these questions is yes then they item can be recycled...'

We play pink car as well as yellow car because there are a lot more yellow cars than in the old days when the game was first invented so it is easier than it was and pink car is more of a challenge.

Also my three year old has started playing yellow car, he is really funny, he either says, 'Yellow car - I said that there was a yellow car!' or about ten second after someone else has said, 'Yellow car', he says, 'Yellow car, NO, that was MY yellow car, I SAID YELLOW CAR!'

Katha said...

Thanks for charing the rules with all of us.

Anonymous said...

I love the reference to the other MJN Air crew members. I can actually hear them insisting on the "yellow-taxis-do-not-count"-rule!

Kris: Great Travelling Lemon-story!

pmzzo said...

That made my (otherwise very drab) week. Thank you, Mr Finnemore!

PS: According to a Cabin Pressure fan from St Petersburg, they do sell Toblerones at Pulkovo Airport.

Fiona said...

Love Yellow Car - but my husband has banned my two daughters and I from playing it when he is in the car with us! Not that it stops us from making surreptitious noises when we see one! It's amazing quite how many yellow cars there are in our part of the world!

Next question is - how many otters can you fit in a yellow car?

Anonymous said...

Arthur, my lad, you are a genius!
Now all we need is Douglas to clarify the rules of The Travelling Lemon...

Kara said...

Mr Finnemore, you definitely rule!

My sister and I also started playing "Yellow car" after Ottery St Mary. And you know what? When you pay attention, there are actually A LOT of yellow cars in Paris. There are everywhere!(and we don't even count the Post Office cars).
We've just came back from London after spending few days there (We actually stayed in a place 5 min near the Priory Tavern but lucky as we are, it was precisely one of those weeks you didn't perform..) and we didn't spot as many yellow cars as we expected to. But, there is denifintely a potential to play "Orange car"!

Thanks again Arthur!

Sabina said...

Hahaha!! Thank youuuu ever so much for this nugget of pure joy!! Made my day x

Jennifer said...

I think the idea about hitting when you see a yellow car might have leaked in from the punch-buggy game. Don't know if you have that game in Britain, but here in the States, it's played as follows: if you see a Volkswagon Beetle, you shout "Punch Buggy [color of Beetle]" and punch the person with you in the arm. Some people just give a gentle tap; others are quite violent! Mostly played by the 10-14 year old set.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. I <3 you so damn much for this.

Laura G said...

Does anyone else play 'Horse'? It's like 'Yellow Car'. But with horses.

Veej said...

Can't wait to share the instruction video with my daughters! I play this even when driving alone, muttering "Yellow car-oh-no-it's-a-taxi-doesn't-count" and similar. Even shouted YC when watching David Mitchell on "Who Do You Think You Are"; he visited his parents and there was a yellow car parked near their house. How obsessive is that!

Musical Lottie said...

@Laura G I play Sheeps (although that has a bit of a weird-but-logical backstory to it). The rules are slightly more complicated than for YC:
1. If you see one sheep, you say 'sheep'.
2. If you see more than one sheep, you say 'sheeps'.
3. That's it

I wonder if it would help Herc to play Sheeps ... ?

Anonymous said...

Okay you are now officially and truly my favourite person of all the persons. I'm not even kidding.

Anonymous said...


Pipit said...

OK, two more questions for Arthur.

1. What about parked cars?

2. Do yellow Hummers count as a car or as a truck?

My husband, Sparrow, has declared that only cars in motion count, but he isn't sure about the Hummer.

Anonymous said...

Look - is a picture of a car a car? Is a car in a lot a car? Is a Hummer a car? Is a car in convoy a car? Is a car that used to be yellow a yellow car. I used to be young! Is 'playing it in your head' SAYING yellow car? What is the matter with you people? Can you see it? Is it yellow? Is it a real car, but not a taxi? Then you know what to say. End of!

Aleesha said...

Thank you so much! my family is always squabbling about what counts as a 'Yellow Car, but now the rules are Crystal clear. Now I'm champion at Yellow Car, because my sister always Counted the Melbourne Taxis (mwahahaha)

prwelly said...

To Laura G: We play "Horses" with a variation (of course!). We say "horsie". I'm too old to say "horsie" outside of being in a conversation with a toddler but there you go. We also live in a semi-rural area, so we are kept quite busy.

And there was Mr Finnemore thinking he could address the conversation/queries about "yellow car" by making an Arthur video (lovely touch) setting out the basic rules. Ha. Fool. That's what you get when you introduce a game to people who think like the smart people who make up the Cabin Pressure audience. Variants, further questions, analysis, statistics, conundrums, legal disputes, geopolitical wrangling, when is a vehicle not a vehicle? (Goodness, I had to consider that in my first year law exam....arggghhh, get me out of here).

peetapen said...

You've made everything pretty clear Mr. Shappey and I must say I was quite confused as I have been only a player for a quite a while. Yellow taxis and other things that are not cars particularly confuses me. However, I have a minimal confirmation though: Do the yellow cars that I know I have counted before since I walk/travel in the same place everyday and the yellow cars are usually in their parking places still count?

Thank you for your shared expertise Mr. Shappey and I do you hope you may accommodate me in this small matter.

God bless you :)


spitfire.k8 said...

Thank you Arthur. Can you now please explain the off-side rule?

Varsha said...

Interestingly enough, when I went to Chicago to visit a friend, I was HIT multiple times because various people spotted yellow cars. Apparently, Yellow Car is widely played in Illinois, except instead of just saying "yellow car," you smack someone as well.

John Finnemore said...

Thank you all! Arthur is delighted his video has gone down so well, and asks me to pass on the following clarifications to further questions:

Anon: When you see a yellow car, say 'Yellow Car'.
Eclectic Man: When you see a yellow car, say 'Yellow Car'.
Pipit: When you see a yellow car, say 'Yellow Car'.
Peetapen: When you see a yellow car, say 'Yellow Car'.

He hopes that helps.


Rebecca said...

I listened to this episode earlier today whilst working out! It was a great help while jogging- not so much so when lifting weights (I dropped a barbell on my foot from laughing too hard...)

KA said...

Dear Mr. Finnemore,

I would like to express my gratitude for the creation of Cabin Pressure. I only recently discovered it (within the last year), because I live in the United States and we get everything late (if at all).

I've been through some horrid times, recently and in the past (I won't go into details as it's much too long of a story and this is the internet). Being able to smile at Arthur and Douglas, and to commiserate with Martin has helped me immensely. When I was in a bad place, I could turn on my favorite episode(s)--like Ottery St. Mary, Gdansk, Fitton, Qikiqtarjuaq, and Limerick, etc.--and it never failed to brighten my day.

So, again, I thank you. And I apologize if this makes you feel awkward. I'm just telling the truth.

You're brilliant,

KA said...

I would also like to say (and forgot to in the last comment) this video was much needed and fully appreciated today. :)

spitfire.k8 said...

Dear Arthur,
To settle an argument: we know that yellow cabs do not count, but what about mini-cabs? And do they have to be legal mini-cabs not to count or do illegal mini-cabs not count as well?

Anonymous said...

Well, my 7 year old self would have strongly disagreed with Mr Shappey about the punching(much to her own disadvantage as she was a massive wimp)and would have also argued that if she saw a yellow mini she would get to punch her fellow participants (or failing that, whoever was closest) twice. On the arm, not in the face. I wasn't violent.
On another note: the Travelling Lemon (yes it does deserve an official title and yes I do feel I've been slightly excessive with the brackets). Where does Douglas get it from? His citrus pocket?

alex said...

Thank you for making road trips significantly less stressful. Number of arguments had on this subject- a lot.

Could you now please qualify the exact breed of otters which we are trying to picture a 100 of? There are a lot of breeds of otter and they vary significantly in size.

Hiccup said...

Perfect post is perfect <3

Christine Reynolds said...

This seems the right place to leave my comment, which is really a thank you (but does involve yellow cars, sort of). To be as concise as possible, 8 weeks ago I had a total knee replacement. Last week I came to the part of physical therapy that required me to sit with my knee in a device that the therapist calls "the rack" to work on my knee extension. The first session was horrible; it really is a rack, and it really really hurt. For the second session, I had a brilliant idea--I'd take my iPod and listen to Cabin Pressure to take my mind off the pain. It worked! It still hurts, but flying off with you all and giggling (even at things I've heard a dozen times) distracts me and gives me something to think about besides the ouch and the watching the timer count down. So a huge thanks to you and the rest of the MJN crew, but especially to you, for writing something that can make a person laugh even when someone's trying to bend their knee backwards.

Sadly, I live in the U.S., so I haven't been able to see any of your shows. But next year, when I'm fully mobile, I'll be heading over to London, and you can bet I'll be checking your schedule before I set the date!

Many thanks and much adoration. Christine Reynolds,

Gordiana17 said...

I love Arthur. Can I marry him?

kodama said...

Thank you... :)
I'm spreading yellow car game in Poland, it's like a virus! :D

ubiquitouspitt said...

Needs an ipod app.

Anonymous said...

mmm, yellow ipod :-)

shefa said...

Thank you, Arthur, for your Brilliant and thorough explanation of "Yellow Car." I am relieved that the yellow taxis everywhere need not be announced ("yellow car" in Chicago would be like playing "Black Car" in London), but sad that the yellow boat I saw on Lake Michigan doesn't count. :(

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving me something to share with my grandchildren. It is so gratifying to hear them laugh at the appropriate moments (they are 7 and 5). They both insist however, that Arthur sounds like Watson!
I am addicted to this show and I listen to it repeatedly. It is great how you can make us laugh. I just love Arthur!

Anonymous said...

The wonderful game apparently dates back much further than previously realised...

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Anonymous said...

I am a bad touch-typist and unfortunately spawned a mutant version of the game when I typo'ed "t" for "r" to share the passtime with friends in Texas.

You will be bemused to know they play the game "yellow cat" in Houston. Fortunately there are on average fewer marmalade moggies than yellow taxis in Houston.

--Aunt Raven

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Blisskat said...

Tomorrow, play Yellow Car I will :) Thank you, Arthur

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Alex Powell said...


I was playing yellow car and my passenger saw a yellow car on a billboard at the side of the road.

Does this count? I instantly refuted it and make the point that it is a giant poster and not a car. Would you agree?


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